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Whether you are moving down the street or across the state, our team will make sure your prized possessions get there in good condition.

Trust our team to handle your heavy or fragile belongings with extreme care.

Our tailored moving services don’t stop at the door—we offer a complete expert packing and unpacking service.

Reliable Furniture Removal

 From Our Family to Yours

Local and family operated since 1985, Westlake Removals are Lake Macquarie’s most professional furniture removalists with the highest standard of customer service. Father-son team, Garry and Chris, have more than 45 years combined experience of local removals experience between them. We also provide packing services and door-to-door transport, as well as specialty removals for pianos and antiques.

If you want to make moving simpler, call us today for your free quote. Our trucks deliver in local Lake Macquarie suburbs as well as rural areas and Sydney.

  • Moving Morisset since 1985


Moving Checklist

Moving can feel overwhelming and stressful, but you can make it easier and smoother by using a checklist to help ensure that it all gets done in a timely manner. Hiring expert Lake Macquarie removal company like Westlake Removals can also really help you by taking some of the work out of your hands. 


With a task list in hand, you can create a workable timeline and can clear your schedule to make sure you don’t run out of time. 


Here’s a simple checklist to use for your move.

It really pays to get started early and once you have a moving date in mind makes getting your list going easier. A couple of months beforehand is the right time to budget for your moving expenses, including hiring professional movers.



This is a good time to ask for vacation days from work if you need them and to start looking into new schools, churches and doctors if you need to.

Now is the time to start collecting boxes and going through your possessions. You can donate or throw away those things that don’t make the cut and begin packing items you won’t need before you get to your new house.


If you’re moving overseas, this is a good time to arrange for shipment of your pet and car and you should also use this time to start taking apart furniture you don’t need, storing the hardware with the item so it can be reassembled easily.

About a month before you move, arrange for hook-up of utilities in your new home and make sure you’ve returned all library books. Update your address with your bill providers and family and friends.



You should also use this time to choose and purchase moving insurance.

This is a good time to arrange babysitting or pet sitting for moving day as well as organising and packing all important documents, such as birth certificates and health information.


Map out the route to your new home at this time as well.

This last week is the time to defrost the fridge and freezer. It’s also time to double check that you haven’t left anything behind in closets, cabinets, or drawers and also places like a shed, basement or attic.


The last few days are also the best time to clean your old house. If you have access to your new home, it is a good idea to go clean it before you move in.

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